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I have a deep appreciation for our WGSD community and am proud of our collective commitment to high-quality education. Our schools are the heartbeat of our community and deserve to be guided by a Board dedicated to constructive cooperation in the service of educational excellence.  

Get to Know Me

I am an educator as well as the mother of a WGSD elementary student.  I have several degrees in education including graduate degrees in social work and educational administration, and a doctoral degree in school administration. I will come to the Board both as a parent and as a seasoned educational professional with a collaborative, supportive voice as our community works together to provide our children with a thriving school system. 



I will use my professional expertise as a veteran teacher and school administrator to ensure all students in the Webster Groves School District have access to the finest educational practitioners, tools, environments, and experiences possible in the service of their learning and well being.


To feel intrinsic motivation to learn, we need to feel like we have voice & some choice over what we do.  Autonomy is empowerment.


Belonging is a basic human need.  When we can bring our full identities to our environment while forming meaningful relationships with others, we attain greater educational and professional achievements.


Competence builds confidence.  We need to know what is expected of us, that we can master skills, and that we can meet challenges.

Classroom Lecture

Join me to guide the investment in our children.


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