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I have a deep appreciation for our WGSD community and am proud of our collective commitment to high-quality education. Our schools are the heartbeat of our community and deserve to be guided by a Board dedicated to constructive cooperation in the service of educational excellence.  If elected, I will work hard to ensure that our district continues to strengthen its ability to meet the evolving needs of our children as we prepare them to be effective global collaborators and leaders in the 21st century.


My husband Greg and I have lived in Webster Groves for the last 10 years.


Our daughter Charlotte is a 2nd grader at Edgar Road Elementary School.


I am an educator, and I had the privilege of serving as the principal of Hixson Middle School from 2017-2020. 

My journey as public school educator and administrator began as a middle school literacy teacher and then school social worker in Jennings, included additional years as a classroom teacher then administrator in Parkway, and grew to include Principal positions in Webster Groves and University City. 

My years as Principal at Hixson Middle were incredible and I was grateful to work with a building full of compassionate educators who were committed to children. My vision of Hixson as a rich and exciting educational atmosphere where all students are supported, challenged, and prepared to be creative thinkers was bolstered by supportive parents, curious students, and a community that wanted to see the school thrive.  My team got terrific feedback from the community during that time, as Hixson did indeed begin to grow and demonstrate positive change.  


At the height of those exciting transformations, I was presented with an opportunity in a neighboring school district to work with a leader I had long admired and respected.   I left Webster because I had an excellent opportunity to continue my professional development.  In the midst of a global pandemic, I transitioned into a new building in the School District of University City, where I again served as Principal.  Last year, I retired after a full career of service as a proud public school educator.  

Though retired, I am filling my time with new pursuits to champion education in our region.  I have shifted my work-life balance to be able to pursue new professional endeavors including roles as Dean of Faculty at an independent school and Director of the Equity and Justice Academy in Character Education (EJACE) for the Character Plus organization. As a WGSD parent, I participate on the Curriculum Coordinating Committee. 

These opportunities have given me a wider perspective on varied regional approaches to expanding capacities for excellence in education.  I see clearly that what connects the adults invested in the success of students is hope, vision, and lived commitment to creating positive and nurturing school environments. 

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