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To feel intrinsic motivation to learn, we need to feel like we have voice & some choice over what we do.  Autonomy is empowerment.


Belonging is a basic human need.  When we can bring our full identities to our environment while forming meaningful relationships with others, we attain greater educational and professional achievements.


Competence builds confidence.  We need to know what is expected of us, that we can master skills, and that we can meet challenges.

As a first generation immigrant, I truly believe in public education and see the opportunities it offers as a uniquely American point of pride.

  • I believe in teachers and know their professional skills are vital to the success of our students and communities. 

  • I believe parents and families come in a variety of different compositions, and that each family unit is a precious and honored first learning environment for children. 

  • I believe all children are thoughtful and unique individuals who are deserving of learning environments that nurture their whole selves. 

As a member of the Board of Education, my work will be to examine and craft policies designed to support teaching and learning as we endeavor to retain the best educational practitioners, tools, environments, and experiences possible in the service of students’ learning and well being. 

Teacher Assisting a Student


A top Board priority needs to be policies that support educators.  Unfortunately, school districts across America have entered a state of crisis in teacher recruitment and retention.  College training programs for future educators have seen a dramatic drop in enrollment and teachers are leaving the profession at an increased rate.  We are well positioned with many outstanding educators in Webster Groves, and we need policies that will pour into our teachers’ professional development and well being.  The entire community benefits from investments to ensure teachers feel supported, confident, resourced, and valued.  


Another policy priority needs to be a push to achieve higher literacy rates.  I believe literacy is equity, and literacy is liberation.  I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and know that literacy rates not only reflect the job we’re doing teaching all students to be successful, but should also drive our efforts to be inclusive of all learners.  Every student in WGSD should be able to feel autonomy, belonging, and competence through literacy.

Reading in a Bookstore


How we budget the district’s resources is a reflection of what we believe, and we should examine our budget to ensure that its pages reflect our community values and expectations.  We can frame our thoughts about spending and policy by examining how our budget and policies address autonomy, belonging, and competence.


Boards of Education are tasked with guiding the community investment in our shared future. I hope to join our Board in the work to prepare Webster children for a future where they can navigate the complexities of collaboration in a diverse world, engage in courageous conversations, and know how to be advocates for themselves and others.  We need to create learning environments where intentional development of a student’s capacity to lead is present and respected.  We need to support students as they learn to be creative and individual thinkers, and we need to provide the rich context of multiple perspectives of the world as they develop their independent thoughts.  


I believe my past school leadership and continued vision for educational excellence can be an asset to our community, and I am excited and honored to ask for your vote to elect me to the Webster Groves Board of Education.

Teacher Recording Video
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